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Noun:  1. branding & design that rocks;

2. a rock star branding agency determined to make your brand stand out from the rest;
3. a full-service eight-armed creature capable of expediting detailed, beautiful concepts by means of jet propulsion.

Synonyms: professional, reliable, creative, simple.

Rockstar Branding Agency.

Multi-Industry Brand Alchemy.

Graphic Design & Digital Marketing

Looking to launch your start-up the right way without breaking the bank? Do you have a product or idea, but lack the Fortune 500 funding to build your brand in a beautiful & intuitive manner fine-tuned to your target audience?


ROCKTOPUS® is your branding lifeguard! We're a full-service, small but fierce woman-owned local LLC in the NYC area with over 20 years of creative strategy expertise. We offer creative services sure to knock the socks off your competitors at affordable rates which beat the heck out of any big-time agency.

Let's keep you relevant in changing times!

Much like technology, design trends change rapidly. So does your audience! We help you upgrade your mindset, along with your brand. Social & digital media have now become the paramount means of business communication, with a deeper objective to connect, purchase, showcase & sell across multiple platforms - consumed every minute of the day, by a vast array of audiences all over the world.

Taking "BRAND HEART" to a New Level.

Charities & Nonprofits need our help now more than ever.

ROCKTOPUS® is here to help with action, not just words.

While some large national & global 501c3 nonprofits have experienced an increase in donations, smaller local charities, shelters & animal rescues have felt a heavy hit as their donors financially struggle. Furthermore, most do not have advertising budgets as nearly all their fundraising goes to fulfilling their charitable goals.


ROCKTOPUS® prefers solutions, not excuses. Which is why we have launched our exclusive charity program geared towards providing these nonprofits crucial branding & design support to visually communicate their mission, maximize their fundraising efforts & attract new clients.

Think of us as the "Bombas®" of Graphic Design.

Here's how it works:

  • When you book us for a logo design, we will also donate a logo to a charity on our waiting list for design services.

  • For every Brand-Aid™ Branding package you purchase, we can expand these free services & provide your nonprofit of choice with even more support.

  • You will be emailed an attractive badge identifying your business as a sponsor who supported the nonprofit who received their free design services.


Are you a 501c3 Nonprofit?

Do you have one in mind who needs our help?

Email us the scoop . We'll be happy to add you to our list & match you with the next available sponsor.



President & Founder

I have 21 solid years of hands-on art & creative direction expertise in branding, advertisement, marketing & graphic design. I have worked with all B2B, B2C & D2C industries, as well as nonprofit organizations.


I've devoted my life to my career since 2000 at the age of sixteen, having grown up in an underprivileged household & determined to achieve success. Extremely hardworking & self-taught, my two decades of "boots on the ground" hands-on career experience in dynamic agency environments give me a rare advantage on how I handle & manage workflow. I have gained access to important resources and an excellent network of collaborative professionals throughout the years, ensuring full scale capabilities whether you want a custom built search engine, or a handmade artisan trade show booth.

My unique background has shaped me to be a motivated, determined, versatile & flexible professional, as well as a humble human being who values kindness & appreciates everything in life. While it’s true that I have taken an unorthodox road to be where I am today professionally, that is what effective design is all about - seeing a bigger picture, reaching new heights & pushing the boundaries!

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Image of Danielle Schumacher, President of Rocktopus LLC

Danielle Schumacher

Hobbies: Art, Drawing, Playing Piano, Playing Guitar, Singing, Karaoke, Writing Music, Cooking, Mixology, Jewelry Making, Costume Making, Fashion, Ethically-Sourced Taxidermy.

Favorite things to do: Spending quality time with my two rescue dogs, Ludo & Peppers. Cooking for the people I love. Traveling. Snorkeling. Camping. Hiking. Cracking inappropriate jokes. Playing Chess. Watching Horror Movies. Going to the Symphony Orchestra.

Causes I Care About: Animal Welfare, Children, Poverty Alleviation, Cancer Research.

President + Founder, 

Executive Creative Director