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Progressive Grocer Magazine Sustainability Issue

Progressive Grocer 2023 Sustainability Issue Cover


Wholesale Food & Beverage, Meat Industry, Grocery Retail


Creative Director


Concept to completion direction, execution and delivery.
Photo shoot direction, including creative concept, lighting, color scheme, and composition.
US Market Brand Management, Research and Statistics, Infographics, Copywriting, Graphic Design and Layout.

In January of 2023, I conducted independent internal market research, landing on the same consumer insights and statistics that later emerged in the Power of Meat presentation in March at the 2023 Annual Meat Conference. I stumbled across a potentially significant and unmet consumer interest in grass-fed Australian Lamb with "feel good" claims around sustainability and animal welfare by reading between the lines on insights from both the retail & foodservice categories on a national level, particularly focused around large coastal cities.

This project was part of a high-level strategy to enhance brand awareness of JBS's Great Southern Australian Lamb & Beef in the US market, with improved efforts to help decision-makers better understand and reach their consumers. I sought to elevate the usual quality of content and design of Progressive Grocer Magazine to outpace our competitors' past feature issues.

I built a closer, more strategic working relationship with media partners to achieve the desired outcome and audience. I took a hands-on approach to the complete creative process and project management of this cover and article, from research and strategy to lighting, prop selection, styling, and graphic design/layout, with the only external vendor support being working collaboratively with a photographer and MLA chef team.

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